1. Propagating high standard education.

2. Arranging Islamic and Academic sciences broadcast.

3. Propagating Unity amongst Muslims.

4. Enhancing public awareness against the social evils.

5. Enlightening and raising the standard of public sense.

6. Propagating the thoughts of Allama Iqbal in various categories of people.

7. Establishing unity by confronting sectarianism.

8. Supporting and cooperating with Educational institutes.

9. Propagating the enlightened Quranic teachings to a high standard.

10. Introducing successful experiences of world to our community.

11. Nurturing and strengthening family system on Islamic foundations.

12. Recognition of Islamic status for women and enlightening them with their social duties and responsibilities.

13. Presenting an upbringing system for children in accordance with their age.

14. Arousing and reviving the educational needs of Muslims.

15. Spreading constructing thoughts.

16. Spreading the pure character of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) and making public the enlightened teachings of Ahlulbayt.

17. Presenting an opportunity to intellectually gain from scholars of various school of thoughts.

18. Introducing educational foundations for achieving national stability and growth.